October 26, 2015


Most golfers don’t realize, when coming out for training, that there is more than just hitting a golf ball. Chris is certified in TPI Titelist Performance Institute and is the Titelist club fitter for the Panhandle. What does this mean to you? This expertise allows Chris to asses the golfers body movements then create corrective actions with golf specific stretches to help the golfer get the most out of his or her physical makeup. Chris also has the ability to check your current club make-up to make sure they fit as far as loft, lie length, and shaft flex. This allows the player to get the most out of their game and ability.  You can’t fix what you can’t measure.


Adults 1 hour/$150
Juniors 1 hour/$100 (17 & Under)

Titleist Club Fitting:

Full check of clubs tracked by Trackman. Recommendations will be given
along with all data and club info. 1.5 hours- $200

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